Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hey everyone! Thanks for joining the book club. We're starting small, but will presumably grow as we keep this going, so here are some basic guidelines we'll follow. I'm sure there will be more ideas/improvements as we go along, so feel free to add input anytime you want, but here are the basics!

Each member will be assigned a different month. So far, I've taken February and Erin has taken March. When you're assigned that month, you choose a book for everyone to read, and then put together a gathering of sorts. 

For example, I've chosen the book The Help to read for February. Meaning that by the end of February, you are expected to have read it. In a week or so, I'll have a date and time when we can get together, eat food, and discuss the book. I have school and work every day, so it'll probably be Saturday mornings/afternoons, but if there's a certain time that works better for you guys, let me know.

In a different state? Not a problem! You can still read the book, and let us know what you thought. We'll either do a post on it and people can comment, or start a Good Reads group where we can do a forum. Either way, you can still read a book a month with us and then find a way to discuss it.

I think that's it for now. Like I said, pretty basic. The reason we rotate is so that we can each take a turn choosing books. The only real guidelines I'm going to give on choosing the book are:
- Make sure it's appropriate. No sex scenes or tons of language. If you choose a book that is a little borderline, let us know and we can vote on it, or at least let people to know what to be aware of.
- Nothing super long. Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favorite books, but I don't expect people to read almost 1,500 pages in one month :)
- Try to choose a book with a good message or some deeper meaning. As much as I'd love to read Twilight (not really..), it's fun to choose books with universal themes.. or just a theme in general ;)

That's about it! Like I said, if I've missed anything, or you have any questions, let me know. We'll be posting updates on here more than anything, so keep checking up. This is definitely our first time doing a book club (Erin and I thought it sounded like a good idea and created it on a whim... high fives to Erin for the awesome blog title!), so we're looking for any and all input. 


  1. I'm good every saturday after 10:30am! And for now, every weekday after 12pm!!

  2. Saturday mornings are good for me! I may wait til March to come though just because I recently read The Help. Great book! Good idea girls! Cute blog!

  3. The blog title is FUN! I just put The Help on hold at the library and there was a little waiting list so you must of chose a good one! I already know I am going to need your help in choosing what book when it is my turn :)Thanks for putting this together!

  4. So...when we doing this thing? February's almost half way over!!!